Team Archery Shack


Our team shooters are more than just those who can score high at competition.  Our team is comprised of people who are involved in their community, reflect a sportsman like attitude, and who can set an example to be used by the next generation of archers as well as their peers.  

Ryan Barnwell

Ryan has been one of our team shooters since 2016.  He primarily competes in freestyle and open classes but is also an accomplished hunter with a compound bow.  This kid is lethal at long ranges.

Jalyn Levens

Jalyn is has been on the team since 2018.  She has competed in a few different classes with a compound bow and made the team in a matter of months after starting her archery career.  She is also very involved in her local 4H program and always ready to help out anybody.

Sarah Isett

Sarah has been a traditional shooter for several years and dominated her class but has now stepped into the Olympic Recurve style.  She has been on the team since 2019 and is quickly becoming proficient with her new setup.

Raily Pence

Raily has been on the team since 2019.  She has been shooting in 4H since 3rd grade and shoots with her dad at 3D tournaments a lot. We can't wait to see this one grow up and progress in her career as an archer.

Lauri Lovvorn

Lauri started with the team in 2017.  She has been shooting everything indoor and outdoor, 3D and target.  She has begun to specialize in target archery both indoor and outdoor however and is progressively becoming a star shooter.

Mike Lowe

Mike Lowe has been a team member since 2016.  He is national champion and shoots a diverse category of competition. He often shoots in the Vegas Shoot every year and is a prominent member of the archery community, both local and abroad. 

Mike Lowe_edited.jpg
Brandi Tadlock

Brandi has been with the team since 2016. She has shot a little recurve open however she shoots mostly traditional now.  Not limited to just indoor, Brandi shoots NFAA, USA, ASA, and many other types of competitions.  Basically if she sees it as a target, she can hit it.